Drum Circle & Advanced Drum Circle

Our drum circle class is a great introduction to the rich world of hand percussion.

It offers children an opportunity to develop an understanding of rhythm, the most fundamental aspect of music-making, and prepares them for the study of the melodic and chordal instruments.

During the course of the semester students will become familiar with basic rhythmic language, and practice the skills of improvisation, accompaniment, ensemble playing, and active listening, all while using a selection of hand percussion instruments from cultures all around the world.

At the end of the semester, students will get the chance to put their skills in action in a performance for parents and friends.

Advanced Drum Circle

Advanced drum circle is intended for older children who are ready for the next level of musical study. Students will be exposed to musical notation, song structure, and the memorization of musical forms and figures. Over the course of the semester they will develop these and other skills while working together to create a repertoire of pieces that they can share with friends and family in a final performance.